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Al Dobowi to enter Indian & South African retreading market

Retreading Southern Africa

Meanwhile the company is looking for a suitable location for setting-up a plant in India. Al Dobowi has already zeroed-in on a few locations and has been in touch with a couple of state governments in India. “We are holding negotiations and will soon finalise the plant location,” said Kandhari. However, he made it clear that the new tyre business would be the first priority. “Initially, we will set-up our new tyre business and this will be followed by our entry into the retreading sector in a year’s time.” Al Dobowi would soon open its office in Delhi to govern its operation in India.

Interestingly, Al Dobwoi is also planning to enter the well-developed retreading market of South Africa. “Our South African tyre subsidiary, Tyrecor, is already selling tyres in that market, claimed Kandhari. “Now, we are planning to expand our presence in that part of the world by establishing a presence in what is regarded as one of the most developed retreading markets globally,” Kandhari explained. Tyrecor is headquartered in Cape Town with branches in Johannesburg, Durban & Mmpumalanga.

The company plans to enter the South African retreading market either via a joint venture with a local partner or independently. “We are holding negotiations with a South African company for our retreading foray as we speak and will soon take the decision and finalise the entry,” Kandhari informed.


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