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The new Gaither Bright partnership goes with a BANG!!!!


Now these two innovative companies have recently announced an progressive partnership which involves Beijing based Bright commencing the promotion of Gaither’s increasing popular Bead Bazooka ™ range as exclusive distributor of this respected and revolutionary tire inflation tool throughout China. Bright officially launched the Bead Bazooka ™ into their current product portfolio at the AMR 2016 in Beijing in March.

At the same time to further endorse this exciting and potentially influential partnership. Bright becomes the very first tire equipment manufacturer to equip several of their increasingly popular tire changers with the Gaither Bead Bazooka ™ on a worldwide basis.

Ralph Dubbeldam, a spokesman for the Bright/Gaither collaboration says, “With the Gaither Bead Bazooka ™ totally ‘outperforming’ any other tyre inflation system on the current world market through being completely mobile and ensuring a singular operation with ease at a highly competitive price level. This partnership looks set to be highly successful throughout the tire and automotive accessory industry.”


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