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Apollo Tyres Africa introduce 3 new products

Southern Africa

The following 3 products were launched

EnduTrax MA

Deemed the best tyre for heavy duty on/off road application, EnduTrax MA has a robust block design with wide shoulder and centre grooves to improve traction and control. It further offers 14% more cushioning rubber between the tread and belts compared to a regional application design,( this was introduced to prevent stone drilling and casing loss adding to its durability and value.) A stronger side wall also limits tyre deflection and lower heat generation is also said to lead to a higher uptime.

EnduTrax MD

The EnduTrax MD has Energy Efficient Technology (EET) which generates less heat and resists compound aging to provide excellent fuel efficiency and retreadibility.

With “Silica” reinforced tread compound the EnduTrax MD will improve mileage, superior wear and optimised tread profile. As the Blocked tread pattern is uniformly spaced it provides even load distribution for enhanced traction under heavy loads.

In addition to the launch of the EnduTrax MD and MA Apollo Tyres has also used the opportunity to launch the EnduComfort CA designed uniquely for bus and coach operators. With its unique 5 Rib Tread Design it offers you the ease of mind for an all-wheel application capability,

Apollo Tyres Africa believes the introduction into the South African market will contribute and make a significant impact to the truck and bus industry.


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