19 BKT ATV SierraMax

BKT launches ATV range Sierra Max


“Designed for racing, the tyre offers a high level of comfort, ensuring long life cycle at the same time,” said the company.

Sierra Max is regarded as a mix of technology and innovation aiming at ensuring best performance on any type of terrain. “Specifically designed for racing vehicles whizzing through muddy areas and deserts, and over rocky surfaces, the tyre features a radial structure enabling a very agile drive along with a comfortable ride even under the toughest conditions.”

The special tread pattern provides for a large footprint on the ground ensuring exceptional front and lateral traction. In addition, the reinforced shoulder provides excellent sidewall protection.

The tyre is made of a particular cut and chip resistant compound, and is being praised for its outstanding self-cleaning properties – an essential feature for usage on dirt terrains.

BKT has three main production sites in Aurangabad (Western India), Bhiwadi and Chopanki (North India) and a new production site of Bhuj, in the Gujarat region in Western India.

Bhuj plant opened in 2013, spreads over 300 acres, the plant is able to reach a production output of 120,000 tonnes annually at full capacity. Off-Highway tyres for all market segments such as agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV, and gardening applications are being rolled out of the Bhuj facilty.


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