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BKT launches farm radial RIB 713 with IF technology


BKT has developed RIB 713, a new radial tyre for farming implements featuring Increased Flexion (IF) technology. IF technology allows for heavier load carrying capacity at the same inflation pressures as compared to a standard tyre of the same size. This feature along with a larger footprint area provides uniform weight distribution and excellent flotation properties – all essential features for best farming performance.

The new RIB 713 tyre has steel belting for increased stubble and penetration resistance. This common risk, especially during harvest season, is a matter of increasing awareness and concern among American farmers who grow large-scale GMO products. These plants are indeed incredibly husky leaving strong stubbles on the land that can ruin tyres.
In addition, a “D” speed rating ensures that the RIB 713 tyre runs up to 40 mph (65 km/h) on the road – best requisites for quick travel from one piece of farmland to another. Currently available in size IF 280/70 R 15, this tyre offers increased load capacity operating at standard inflation pressure.


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