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Bridgestone Dueler A/T 693III All Terrain set to become one of South Africa’s favourite tyres

Southern Africa

Says Patrick Leslie, Marketing General Manager for Bridgestone South Africa: “The Dueler 693III All Terrain in the size 265/65R17 is the factory fitted tyre for every new Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner manufactured at the Toyota Prospecton plant in Durban.

“As original equipment (OE) on these locally produced vehicles, the new Dueler D693III not only meets each of Toyota’s very exacting standards for their tyres, but they proudly fly the flag for South African manufactured tyres to each of Toyota South Africa’s export destinations.”

Bridgestone South Africa is one of South Africa’s largest tyre suppliers, with a national footprint of regional offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Durban. The company has two local manufacturing facilities; one in the town of Brits in the in North West Province and the other in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

“In much the same way that the new Toyota Hilux and Fortuner are capable as both daily commuters, workhorses and off road vehicles, the Bridgestone Dueler 693III All Terrain is perfectly suited for both on and off road driving,” says Leslie. “As such it is an ideal replacement tyre for enthusiasts with vehicles such as the new Ford Ranger and Mazda Drifter, the Toyota Prado and the Mitsubishi Pajero.”

During 2016 comprehensive tests have been done on the Dueler A/T 693III both internally at Bridgestone South Africa and externally at Gerotek’s Gauteng testing facility. In these tests the Dueler A/T 693III outperformed competitors in dry & wet handling, rolling resistance (a yardstick for fuel consumption performance) as well as traction on sand and gravel.

The scientific tests proved the Dueler 693III All Terrain to be equal or superior to all the other tyres in wet and dry handling tests, while it equalled or came close to the best performers in sand and gravel traction tests. The well balanced all round performance of the Dueler A/T 693III makes it the ideal tyre for the SUV, Double Cab driver that demands high performance on both highways and recreational getaways.

The report stated: “The Bridgestone Dueler A/T 693III provides excellent fuel saving as a result of the low rolling resistance thereby reducing CO2 and NOx emissions to positively contribute to the environment.” The handling in wet and dry conditions is excellent with good traction in the recreational off road environment, without compromising the comfort and safety of the driver.”

“While the tests were conclusive, we also welcome the findings that a combined on-and-off road tyre such as the Dueler 693III All Terrain is more than sufficient for all but the most technical off road applications. This negates the need to spend large sums of money on specialist rubber, when the Dueler A/T 693III is perfect for on and off road adventures,” says Leslie.

Bridgestone South Africa’s retail division manages sales to consumers through SupaQuick. SupaQuick has the largest tyre retail store footprint in South Africa with over 250 stores nationwide.



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