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Bridgestone petitions for Inconsequential Non-Compliance


The tiremaker found that approximately 1,167 of its VSB heavy-duty radial truck tires do not fully comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, but the tires pose no safety risk.
According to a filing in the Federal Register, Bridgestone discovered the affected tires, which are rated for both single and double load, display the proper maximum load rating and inflation pressure on the sidewall for a single load, but are missing that information for a dual load.
Bridgestone argues “that the noncompliance is inconsequential as it relates motor vehicle safety and is unlikely to have an adverse impact on motor vehicle safety.” According to the tiremaker the missing dual load information has no effect on performance, and all impacted tires were tested and passed at the single tire load, which is higher and more punishing than that of the dual tire load.



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