Bridgestone Reports ‘Steady Progress’ on 100% Sustainability by 2050


The Bridgestone Group has seen “steady progress” in implementing its Global Sustainable Procurement Policy, which aims to ensure alignment with the company’s use of “100 percent sustainable materials” by 2050 and beyond.

Through a 2018 partnership with EcoVadis, a provider of sustainability, risk and performance ratings for global supply chains, Bridgestone is assessing suppliers’ current sustainability practices, as well as the possible support needed to improve performance.

With EcoVadis, Bridgestone is monitoring and rating the environmental, social and ethical performance of Bridgestone’s suppliers to help identify and evaluate qualified suppliers, promote best practices and serve as a communication and improvement tool for the industry overall.

“We stand behind our commitment to sustainable procurement practices and have reinforced our efforts over the past year to understand how our suppliers are performing against our expectations for ethical, environmental, social and quality standards,” said Christine Karbowiak, chief administrative officer, chief risk officer and executive vice president, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. and executive vice president and executive officer, Bridgestone Corporation.


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