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Bridgestone India collaborates in reviving water reserves in Pune village


The project will contribute in increasing the water reserve by more than 10,000 meters and benefit over 1,499 families, including certain tribal population, by significantly improving the quality of life in these downtrodden areas.

Audar village has been identified as one of the 15 most water-scarce villages in Khed Taluka. The area is experiencing a major migration due to poor water availability, with approximately 40 per cent of its population migrating to urban areas in search of better livelihood.

This environment initiative will contribute towards the Maharashtra government’s vision of becoming a drought-free state by 2015.

The initiative will raise the ground water table, resulting in better retention of water for agricultural and domestic use.

“The initiative will bring much-needed relief to agricultural activities and also improve daily lives of the villager in this draught affected area,” said Ajay Sevakari, Director, Bridgestone India Pvt Ltd.


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