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Bridgestone wins Infringement Lawsuit


In October 2013, Bridgestone filed a lawsuit against Chinese tire manufacturer Triangle Tyre Co. Bridgestone said Triangle had been manufacturing and selling tires using a tread pattern for studless tires that’s exclusive design rights held by Bridgestone. In July 2015, a Chinese court found that Triangle infringed on Bridgestone’s design rights. The court ordered Triangle to cease producing the tires in question and pay damages to Bridgestone.

Triangle appealed the court’s decision, but the High People’s Court in Jilin Province upheld the original in Bridgestone’s favor.
“Bridgestone is committed to protecting its intellectual property and will continue to deal with any unauthorized use or infringement of its patents, trademarks, or any other intellectual property in a strict manner. With this level of vigilance, Bridgestone is prioritizing the safety and quality associated with its products, and maintaining and enhancing its hard-earned brand value,” the tiremaker said.


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