E-CUBE poised to mark its first anniversary with further innovations and success



There is no doubt that in the past few years the flexible concept of mobile tire servicing has evolved into an increasing business opportunity for enterprising tire retailers and garage service providers throughout most European countries.

So when the ‘totally unique’  48 Volt E-CUBE, a revolutionary new type of mobile tire servicing unit expertly designed and manufactured by Netherlands based – TechnoMarketing Group (TMG) was introduced at the Automechanika Show in Frankfurt, Germany last September it was obviously going to attract the interest the industry which is rapidly changing now everybody aims ‘to connect’ with the on demand/anywhere/anytime generation of customer servicing.

Since this highly successful launch, the E-CUBE has been further enhanced by a number of innovative improvements and adaptions following customer recommendations and in May the very latest ‘third generation’ model of the E-CUBE incorporating a special touch-screen was showcased at Italy’s leading garage and tire equipment show – Autopromotec in Bologna. Again with continued enthusiasm from companies around Europe and all over the world.

What has proved to be of particular interest for mobile tire fitment specialists is that the E-CUBE is not only the perfect compact unit that allows tire technicians to work safely both in and outside the vehicle. But also offers the opportunity to offer customers additional services during a visit such as extra tire checks and air conditioning servicing and maintenance which means increased profit margins on every job.

The very latest version of E-CUBE is now exclusively updated, styled and produced at TMG’s headquarter base in Roosendaal, The Netherlands (apart from several essentials such as batteries which, where possible number are solely sourced from the Group’s number of trade partners such as Haweka). Ralph Dubbeldam, TMG’s Managing Director says, “ Over the past twelve months we have taken the ongoing development of the E-CUBE to its present design and format level which TMG firmly believes is a very special futuristic mobile tire servicing unit that can be successfully operated anywhere in the world. To emphasise this point we currently have containers being shipped from The Netherlands around the world including South Korea.”

Ralph is also keen to point out that TMG are constantly in contact with all of their international E-CUBE customers who may wish to have their unit individually customised to their own working specifications. He adds, “At TMG we recognise and appreciate that different tire markets around the world have their own preferences on how they want to operate their mobile tire servicing facility. So we have ‘no set agenda’ and intend to be as flexible as possible and work with each customer on a personal basis.”

So a year after being launched, the E-CUBE has already firmly established itself as the leading mobile tire fitting and servicing unit within the global tire industry and on course to change the concept of mobile tire changing forever.


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