European wholesalers invade Asian tyre show for new non Chinese partnerships

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The bi-annual Tyrexpo Asia Show was recently held in Singapore and it was perhaps surprising at just how many European based tyre companies were exhibiting at the event which is traditionally for the Asian market sector.

In total there were seventeen (17) businesses actively showcasing their products and services during the three day show from nine countries – The Netherlands (6), Italy (3), Portugal, Belgium, France, Poland, The United Kingdom (2), Germany and Latvia. SA Treads European Correspondent John Stone attended the show and on talking with each of these companies it appears the main reason for such a high level of European tyre dealers taking part in the event was the confusion and additional sales opportunities generated by the Chinese tyre Anti-Dumping ban currently imposed in Europe on truck tyres.

In South East Asia (SEA) the general opinion of the local tyre market is that Chinese tyre manufacturers have reacted to the ban by literally flooding the SEA market with their brands whilst also frantically looking to switch their export production to manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Vietnam. At the same time the ban on Chinese TBR brands in Europe has led to many European wholesalers and distributors looking for alternative tyre supplies that are being produced outside of China.

It is generally considered that the ‘Capital’ of tyre distribution in Europe is The Netherlands so it hardly surprising that leading wholesalers De Klok Banden, Euro Tyre, Inter-Sprint, Van Den Ban, FM Tyres and Garos Trading all admit to actively seeking consultations with tyre and other product  suppliers operating outside of China. International Tyres, one of the UK’s leading truck tyre distributors also admitted that they were in Singapore to learn more about the tyre sector in SEA and contact potential new tyre brands for a future business partnership.

All seventeen European tyre companies at the show felt that being at the Tyrexpo Asia show had been a successful venture for them and they were hopeful of being able to promote new TBR brands produced outside of China within their product portfolios in the near future. Therefore SA Treads fully expects to see the dynamics of the tyre sales and distribution market in Europe to change in due course with new previously ‘low key’  and unknown tyre brands emerging in the market. Only time will tell by how much.

There is just one interesting fact to consider regarding this interesting development which is … what will happen when certain Chinese manufacturers complete their switch to non Chinese factories? Will they be able to recapture the business they have temporarily lost or will the European tyre wholesalers stay loyal to their new partners. especially if the brands have proved popular with their customers!


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