Goodyear launches ‘AndGo’ fleet servicing platform at CES

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At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company unveiled AndGo, a vehicle servicing platform that combines predictive software and Goodyear’s national service network to enable consumer fleets to be ready to go when they are needed.

Goodyear says AndGo delivers full vehicle readiness to help consumer fleets boost their performance. Through monitoring of service needs and quick and easy scheduling, AndGo activates Goodyear’s service network for convenient scheduling to reduce downtime, the company says.

Fleets engaging AndGo will benefit from continuous care through routine inspections and tire monitoring leveraging Goodyear’s intelligent tires, Goodyear says.

AndGo is currently available in select U.S. markets today and will expand to additional markets in mid-2020.


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