Mr. Arvind Poddar, has been nominated for the Hall of Fame Award 2018 from the Tire Industry Association (TIA), in recognition of the significant impact he has made within the tire industry.

Since 1985, the Hall of Fame award has been constituted to honour, preserve and perpetuate the names and outstanding accomplishments of personalities, who have brought lasting fame to the tire, rubber and transportation industries.

It is great prestige and honour to be selected into the Hall of Fame and be inducted amongst the names of Harvey Firestone, John Boyd Dunlop, Charles Goodyear, Frank Seiberling, Mario Marangoni, Shojiro Ishibashi, Edward Babcox, Bobby Dunlap, Les Schwab, Geoffrey Cabot and so on.

All these greats in the Tire, Transport and Rubber Industry have in common; their passion for excellence, single minded devotion, hard work and a vision to give their very best for the good of the industry that supports millions around the world.

He will be inducted in a ceremony at Las Vegas during the SEMA Show 2018, in the month of October this year.


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