marangoni mix100

Marangoni launches new MIX100 off road tyre

International Recycling

This includes vehicle operators looking to reduce travel time between the quarry and site but with maximum grip and traction within a range of surfaces.

Marangoni states that the MIX100 range has been specifically developed to minimise vehicle downtime, as much as possible, and also guarantee high mileage performance and excellent traction.

The MIX directional tread pattern features a variable block design which ensures ultimate traction on any type of surface, an exceptionally wide footprint for maximum grip and wide openings on the shoulder to make sure the tread is constantly kept clean and free of stones, mud and water. The tread pattern is also exceptionally sturdy and copes with even the most demanding conditions on rocks and mud and with heavy loads.

Maragoni’s Ringtread is the only tyre retreading system that incorporates joint-free precured rings which adhere to the casing without any tension or deformation to the tread pattern.


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