One team, One Tyre, One Goal


Falken Tyre Europe has released a new video showcasing their participation in the 2018 ADAC Zurich 24 hour Race held at the Nurburgring race track in Germany.

The stunning footage in the three minute video captures the challenges facing the Falken race team and portrays their emotions and performance during the race. The video uses recording technology of very high quality that can be shown on giant screens or on TV and the filming required the co-ordination of six cameras, four ATV’s, a cable cam plus a host of gimbal systems and a fleet of drones supplied by Falken’s technical partner DJI.

The film is the ‘crown’ of Falken’s ‘One Team, One Tyre, One Goal’ campaign which formed the focus of the brand’s communication for the twenty four hour race and Markus Bogner, Managing Director and COO of Falken Tyre Europe GmbH says, “This year we turned the spotlight on our Falken Motorsports team and our videos of the 24 hour race have a long tradition which is appreciated by many of the racing brands followers.”

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