Petlas’s new tire “PT-TRAC” shines at SIMA Show

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Leading Turkish tire manufacturer Petlas unveiled its new tire, PT-TRAC this Sunday at SIMA Show, one of Europe’s leading agricultural trade fairs. The new product attracted a great deal of attention from the visitors and the early reviews claimed that with PT-TRAC, Petlas may well change the European agricultural tire landscape in the near future.

Petlas introduced its new product as a solution that offers the benefits of the paradigm-shifting CupWheel technology. With PT-TRAC, the company aims to contribute to the profits of producers by decreasing fuel consumption and protecting their precious investments.

The new product is claimed to prove capable of this, as it provides an extremely wide footprint by gently touching the ground without damaging the roots below the surface. Thus, possible negative effects of soil compaction on long-term yields are avoided by the even distribution of pressure.

As Oguz Ay, International Sales and Marketing Director of Petlas stated, “Petlas has always placed its customers’ benefits and satisfaction to the center of the company’s innovation strategies and action plans. PT-TRAC is the latest indicator of our commitment to fulfill customers’ needs and meet emerging demands in tire business.”

Combining the advantages of this recent technology and the superiority of Petlas’ unique pattern design TA110, the new tire is claimed to transfer full vehicle power to the ground by decreasing slippage and boosting drag force. “This in turn”, the company representatives say, “leads to significant improvement in consistency of traction and efficiency of performance and fuel consumption.”

Stating that in addition to its extensive list of benefits, the tire also demonstrates excellent durability features, Mr. Ay concluded “As a part of our determination to providing our customers with the benefits of the latest technologies, we will keep expanding our product range even further.”


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