Safe, Convenient, Award-Winning: Continental Receives CES 2019 Innovation Award for Intelligent Door System

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  • High level of convenience: Passive Start and Entry (PASE) system and power door control support autonomous opening and closing
  • Greater safety: Intelligent obstacle detection prevents collisions
  • Optimal protection: Intelligent door brake system allows for freedom of opening vehicle doors and stops them from slamming shut even when the vehicle is on an incline

CES 2019 Innovation Award honouree in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category

With its solutions for intelligent vehicle doors, the technology company Continental is optimising the relationship between safety and convenience. State-of-the-art technologies such as the intelligent door brake system and the smart autonomous door support convenient opening and closing operations, while stopping vehicle doors from uncontrolled slamming. In addition, their obstacle detection functions lead to greater safety in road traffic scenarios and prevents dents and paint scratches.

The smart autonomous door system is also a necessary function for automated driving. Driverless vehicles must be able to open and close their doors even without operators or door handles to deal with different practical situations and allow passengers to get in and out conveniently.

Thanks to its advanced functions, Continental’s intelligent door system has been recognised as a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 Innovation Award honouree in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category. The CES organiser CTA (Consumer Technology Association) announced the honourees during its annual CES Unveiled New York event in December 2018 as a sneak peek of the products and trends that debuted at CES 2019 in January.

“The CES Innovation Award is both a confirmation and an incentive for our developer team,” said Johann Hiebl, head of Continental Body & Security business unit. “Ultimately, we want to keep increasing convenience and safety for drivers and all other road users with our solutions.”

Smart autonomous door increases user convenience as automated driving progresses

With the power door control function, Continental supports autonomous opening and closing of vehicle doors and protects passengers from crushed fingers, hands or belongings with its anti-pinch protection. “By means of its connection with our passive start and entry system (PASE), the vehicle doors open automatically and contact-free at the right time. They also recognise the respective user and open on the right side,” Hiebl said.

The smart autonomous door is in continuous communication with the integrated static obstacle detection. If the sensors identify a stationary obstacle, then the intelligent door automatically stops the opening process. In assistant mode, the system makes the door easier to operate by reducing the amount of physical effort required and allowing for any opening angle. This significantly increases convenience when the vehicle is on a slope.

The door no longer slams shut and can be opened or closed in an uphill position by the assistant function without requiring additional physical effort. This makes it easier for children and the elderly to operate vehicle doors. Optional functions such as adjustable door speed, slam protection and end position damping can further increase convenience and relieve pressure on the door and chassis mechanisms.

Intelligent door brake system protects passengers and road users

An added bonus is the continuously variable gap angle. The intelligent door supports smooth opening in any position without snapping into place at all. Despite this, the door can be stopped securely in any position desired by the intelligent control system. Using static obstacle detection, this system also immediately stops the process of opening the vehicle door if an obstacle is identified. As a result, the intelligent brake function reliably prevents a potential collision.

“Thanks to our intelligent vehicle door, trapped fingers and battered doors will be a thing of the past,” Hiebl emphasised. The partner network was also an important success factor for the development of the different technologies. “It is the combination of our know-how in the field of system integration and intelligent door control with our partners’ mechanical components that makes the intelligent vehicle door possible,” Hiebl said. “With their combined expertise, companies like Warren Industries, Stabilus, and Inteva regularly give us significant inputs for development.”


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