Vipal Training Centre in Europe, trained 15 companies in 2019


In keeping with its global vision to manufacture and distribute tyre repair and retreading products of quality, Vipal Rubber opened its Basvulk training center in March to expand its customers’ knowledge base. In just over eight months, Basvulk has trained 15 companies, preparing them to improve their services and teaching how to properly apply materials during tyre repairing processe.

The Basvulk customers who experienced the workshops and hands on training at the distributor’s facilities include Chavdar Georgiev, from Sofia, Lachezar Nikolov, from Vidin, and Altay Eminov, from Satovcha. They are all Basvulk customers who are starting their own businesses. The three representatives expressed total satisfaction with the training programs, affirming the effectiveness of Basvulk’s initiative. Chavdar Georgiev said that “the training center environment and the organization were perfect! We were able to become familiar with all the  details of tyre repairing, as well as the types of vulcanization and repairing materials. We will definitely send other company employees for training. For Lachezar Nikolov, the experience was quite positive, because “the training demonstrated new technologies for more productive repairs, which is essential for growth and development in this industry”. Similarly, Altay Eminov feels that “the training programs are extremely important, because they contribute directly to working effectively and provide a major competitive advantage in the market”.

According to Stoyan Gogov, owner of Basvulk, the space is very important for the market, because it allows for improving, in practice, the processes applied in the day-to-day routine. “Our training center offers a variety of group or individual training opportunities to meet the specific needs of partner companies, attentive to the current trends in tyre repairing for cars, light trucks, trucks, industrial and agricultural tyres,” says Gogov. “The companies participating in the training trust our structure and know-how, and we believe that this experience should consistently contribute to the rapid development of their businesses.” 

For Vipal, present in over 90 countries on four continents, the initiative by the Bulgarian company proves the importance of transmitting technical expertise, which contributes to the qualification of the market as a whole. Frederico Schmidt, General Manager of Vipal Europe, assures that the company chooses its commercial partners carefully. He emphasizes that “initiatives like this, demonstrates the commitment to quality and show why we choose serious and dedicated companies”.


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