Vehicle manufacturers start opening up after-sales market to independent providers

The Right to Repair (R2R) Campaign is celebrating the decision by Volkswagen (VW) to make several changes in relation to the independent aftermarket.  They hope this move signals a willingness by manufacturers to start opening up the after-sales market to independent providers. “Thanks to the process started by the Competition Commission, we believe VW is […]

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Strong growth predicted for the second hand car market

Recent trends have shown that pre-owned car sales are far outweighing new car sales. In TransUnion’s latest quarterly report, the Vehicle Price Index (VPI), which analyses monthly data it receives from dealers, vehicle financiers and banks throughout the country, it states that vehicle financiers are financing 2.22 used vehicles for every single new vehicle bought. […]

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SA Treads March 2017 Issue

Research and market analysis firm Nomura is predicting a relatively quiet first half of the year for South Africa, but expects things to shake up in the second half of the year as the ANCs elective conference comes into view. This according to Business Tech, which went on to say that political instability should keep growth weak, albeit stronger than in 2016.

And despite avoiding a cut to junk status in 2016, the risk remains in 2017, with a mid-and-end-year chance to be cut due to slower growth. However,
should finance minister Pravin Gordhan to be booted for his position, chances are extremely high that would lead to an instant cut to junk, Nomura warned.

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